The first child of Memex on
Avalanche C Chain.

Be among the early adopters of the first child of no promise land. first exchange 100% dedeicated for meme coins. you want to use your money for fun?

Yeah! for sure you are ready for some fun.

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Why should we trust Peacock, what is so special?

Let's be honest—everyone's tired of new tokens. They get hyped up for weeks, and then they launch and clog up the network for days, the listing goes down for a while, and then no one talks about it again. for PAT, even if nothing we will keep sharing memes and annoying pictures.

This is all imagination, nothing said here is promised, we may wakeup tomorrow and decide to cancel the launch of Memex —not to mention no depressing posts on cointelegraph or Watcher Guru about people losing all their savings!

I recommend you listen to this absolutely great Song it is my favorite or you listen to beautiful Peacock $ Krishna. you need to calm down

Will be secure, definitely not audited

All measures are in place to make sure the token is secured, the smart contract is 100% verified on the scan, free of any alteration. it is on avax chain, smart contract auditing is just a formal way of paying someone for report of risk to gain users' trust… right?

I mean, why bother? All the other tokens go through weeks of auditing and they still end up with bugs and vulnerabilities in their contracts.


There should always be a reason for humanity

I am pretty sure you are half an alien

In a cozy town, an old man named Henry lived happily with his beloved daughter, Lily. They shared laughter, dreams, and a bond that weathered time's storms. As years passed, Lily grew into a radiant woman, her heart filled with love for her father.

One wintry evening, Henry fell terribly ill, and despite the doctor's efforts, hope waned. Lily, with tears glistening in her eyes, whispered to her father, "Dad, do you remember our promise to dance together at my wedding?"

With a weak smile, Henry nodded. Determined, Lily set up a magical evening in their living room, soft music playing as she embraced her father, swaying gently as they danced. Memories flooded their hearts, and for that fleeting moment, time stood still. Henry's eyes shone with pride and love for his daughter.

As the night faded into dawn, Henry peacefully passed away, cradled in Lily's arms. Though grief lingered, so did the cherished memory of their final danceā€”a testament to an unbreakable bond that transcended time itself. the reality is this story was generated by chatGPT and it has nothing to do with this project

If you are angry, slap any object near you but please don't slap human

Token Details

Everyone has a chance of issuing a token, it is nothing special so there is nothing amazing with this one too but only few will get listed on our exchange, either you have a good project or we know you personally.

Total supply: 99,435,000,000,000 just like most other memes, we have no special reason for choosing that
Token name: Peacock Avalanche Token
Token Ticker: PAT
Presale: No presale or private sale or any kind of sale
Buy At: At any secured DEX on avalanche
Roadmap: No any roadmap, may be we will keep surprising you
Team: No official team, just some random persons on the internet

Frequently asked questions

Wait… is this a joke? Is it a scam?

For me i will say it is a joke—and it's 100% transparent. You're literally giving your money to the internet and getting completely useless tokens in return.

There are no “whitepapers,” no “products,” and no “experts.” It's just you, us, your hard-earned Avax.

Why are you doing this?

Who knows? Maybe it's because I lost money in the many MEME crash. Maybe I got inspired by the guy who crowdfunded the GROK meme. Maybe I'm just way too bored and need a better hobby.

What can I do with PAT?

PAT is a standard token on Avalanche-C-Chain, so you can buy it, hold it, sell it and transfer it.

You can buy and keep checking if the value did not increase, you sell it back! Other than that… nothing. Absolutely nothing.

(Why are you even still reading these?)

Will PAT be traded on any exchanges?

That is for sure. You have no idea how much we hope so.

In fact, if it does get picked up by any of the major exchanges, we will start thinking of some serious usecase oh! we have Memex

How do I get a refund if I ended up at lost?

You're kidding, right?